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Angel BEE account opening is a complete DIY (Do it yourself) process.
Open an account with Angel BEE & start investing within 60 seconds of opening an account.

Angel BEE’s account opening process is simple, paperless and instant. You just need to keep below three documents handy:

1) Aadhaar Card
2) PAN Card
3) Cancelled Cheque

There is no minimum balance required.
Angel BEE does not charge any AMC fees. The entire amount is invested in the selected scheme. Your account opening process with us does not involve any AMC or account opening charge, margin money.
Angel BEE does not direct your money to its bank account. In fact the entire amount invested is directly transferred to the underlying scheme/ Asset Management Company.
The product you choose defines the liquidity of your money. Mostly, when a request for redemption is raised it takes three working days from the day the request was raised for your money to be credited to your Bank Account

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