Know How To Beat Benchmark Index With Our Investment Engine

August 14th 2018

You spend a major part of your adulthood earning for your loved ones. In the quest to accomplish life goals such as providing your children with good education, buying your dream home, and other family responsibilities, you may often ignore yourself.
However, do you ever think about how you will meet your expenses once you stop working? Have you given a thought about the rising inflation that erodes the value of money over time? Have you planned for your retirement to ensure you do not have to be financially dependent on anyone during these golden years?
If you still have not started retirement planning, it is not too late. You may commence investing today to ensure a financially secure retirement and also to meet your other long-term financial goals.
Traditional investments like fixed deposits or Public Provident Fund (PPF) are safe but often do not provide inflation-beating returns. Equities may deliver exceptional returns; however, these are high-risk instruments. To achieve a balance between risk-returns, consider investing in mutual funds.
Mutual funds provide different types of schemes that invest in various assets such as equities, debt, and other financial instruments. You may choose mutual funds where the corpus is invested in assets that suit your risk profile and match your investment goals.
However, with a large number of mutual fund schemes available, making an accurate decision may seem a daunting and terrifying task. You do not need to worry as ARQ; the proprietary investment engine in Angel Bee’s mobile application makes this process simple and easy.

Features of ARQ

Mentioned below are five features of ARQ:

  1. Data-driven

    This tool has access to over a billion data points with no emotional bias. The recommendations are based on scientific algorithms that consider different possibilities that help you in selecting mutual funds that best suit your requirements.

  2. Instant account opening

    The entire process to open an account with Angel Bee is quick, simple, and completed in just a few minutes. Once you open an account, you may start investing in the stock markets without any delay.

  3. High level of customization

    ARQ considers several factors, such as your investment objectives, risk appetite, and lifestyle. Based on these factors, you receive customized investment recommendations of the best mutual funds to invest in.

  4. Flexible

    You may invest in mutual funds either as a lump sum amount or as a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP). A lump sum is a convenient option when you want to make a one-time investment for the long-term. On the other hand, an SIP allows you to invest smaller amounts at periodic intervals and inculcates investment discipline with reduced risk.

  5. Portfolio score

    ARQ uses a unique algorithm to score your existing investment portfolio. Based on the score and investment recommendations, you may improve your portfolio to maximize your benefits. ARQ assesses your mutual funds and equities portfolios. Based on the future potential of your investments, the tool provides a portfolio score. ARQ recommends ways to improve your portfolio, if required and recommends best performing mutual funds and equities.
    If you want to invest in mutual funds that consistently deliver outperforming results, download the Angel Bee mobile app today, and experience the technological revolution in investment planning through ARQ.

How ARQ recommended investments beat benchmark index?

Here are two ways in which ARQ offers investment recommendations that beat the benchmark index.

  1. Intelligent profiling

    This investment engine uses intelligent profiling to offer insightful forecasts and investment recommendations. It is powered by advanced cognitive technology combined with the strength of machine learning. ARQ processes a huge amount of historical data on the stock markets and funds to recommend the best mutual funds to invest in from billions of possibilities. Furthermore, these results are tested and simulated to prove that ARQ delivers exceptional results in all market conditions. Most often, the returns earned through the investment strategies outperform the benchmark index.

  2. Technology

    ARQ uses Nobel Prize-winning modern portfolio theory along with quants-based logic to provide investment recommendations that beat the benchmark index. The tool recommends the most appropriate asset combination that will maximize your returns based on your risk profile. Using these algorithms, ARQ offers the most profitable and viable strategies and investment portfolios. You are able to ace the stock markets through the power of equities.
    If you have difficulties in selecting mutual funds and stocks, you can seek help through ARQ by downloading the Angel Bee mobile app on your smartphone. ARQ uses over a billion data points and advanced technology to offer personalized investment suggestions on-the-go. It is a proprietary tool of Angel BEE, which is amongst the leading stockbrokers in the country with a commitment to offer real value for money to its clients.


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