Learn The Benefits Of Personalized Mutual Fund Recommendations

August 14th 2018

You are always looking for better investment options that deliver higher returns. It is advisable that you invest every rupee with a certain financial goal to maximize your returns.
Several investment options such as bonds, government securities, equities, mutual funds, real estate, gold, and others are available. Fixed-income securities are low-risk but deliver lesser returns. Real estate requires a large investible surplus while gold is highly volatile. Similarly, equities have the potential to deliver inflation-beating returns but are very risky.
All these limitations are overcome by mutual funds. Several asset management companies (AMCs) offer various types of schemes such as equity, debt, and balanced plans. Each of these schemes invests in different asset classes to maximize your returns.

Six benefits of personalized fund recommendations:

  1. Goal-based investing

    As mentioned to maximize the benefits, it is important to invest based on certain goals. During your lifetime, your goals change and may include objectives such as buying a home, starting a family, children’s education and wedding, and retirement. Goals are classified as short, medium, and long-term. Personal financial planning tools offer customized recommendations that evaluate your financial goals at different points in your life to offer the most appropriate investment options to meet these.

  2. Reviews and recommendations

    The entire evaluation and analytical procedure are automated using scientific techniques. This eliminates all human intervention and bias to provide the best investment recommendations. A team of skilled personnel has developed our investment engine that offers customized recommendations right on your smartphone.

  3. Simple and stress-free investing

    Ensuring all your investments are in a single location makes it easier to monitor and track your portfolio. Personal financial planning tools like ARQ not only offer customized recommendations that match your needs but also provide a regular update on the performance of your investments. Additionally, it allows paperless and quick transactions.

  4. Multiple options

    You may have neither the experience nor the expertise to analyze and evaluate multiple investment options. When you choose a reliable investment engine, the tool does all the work for you. You directly receive investment recommendations on your phone. Additionally, you may invest either as a lump sum or through an SIP, based on your financial situation.

  5. Diversification

    Without customized recommendations, there is always a risk of portfolio concentration. This may occur because you are well versed in certain industries or a few macroeconomic factors. Your limited understanding is often reflected in your investment portfolio. This is very risky because it results in portfolio concentration. Any negative event may result in huge losses or even erosion of your principal investment. Customized recommendations are not limited to sector, theme, or industry-specific investment options. This enables you to diversify your investment portfolio and overcome the higher risk.

  6. Market-driven

    Investing is not a one-time solution to meet your financial goals. Macroeconomic factors and other events affect different types of investments. Therefore, you constantly need to review and monitor the performance of your portfolio. A tool like ARQ reviews and monitors market-related factors and offers recommendations to modify your portfolio as and when the need arises.Get our cutting-edge ARQ investment engine technology today and start receiving customized recommendations by downloading our Angel Bee mobile app. Access the investment engine from anywhere at any time as per your convenience.


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