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Investing in Mutual Funds is instant and paperless with Angel BEE. There are two excellent ways of investing in Mutual Funds: SIP and Lumpsum.

To invest, visit Mutual Funds section on the Angel BEE App. Choose one or more of our top rated schemes, enter your desired amount and invest through SIP or Lumpsum.

Your Mutual Fund redemption will be processed in 3 working days, if the request is initiated before 2 pm, the Mutual Fund redemption is processed in 3 working days. Else it takes 4 working days.

To know the details of your order visit the Order Book section on the Angel BEE App

All Mutual Fund do not have a lock-in period. ELSS (Equity linked saving schemes) funds however have a lock-in period of 3 years.

Hence, it is also recommended as the best investment option.

To invest, visit Mutual Funds ELSS section on the Angel BEE App.

SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) is a mode of investing fixed amount regularly every month or quarter to take advantage of price averaging.

There is 25 days difference between first payment and next installment date, e.g. if you create SIP on 15th Dec for regular payment on the 5th of every month then your SIP will start getting deducted from 5th of Feb.

You can invest in SIP as low as Rs. 500.

A balanced fund is another option for intermediate-term investors. Balanced funds, are often called hybrid funds, as they own both stocks and bonds, usually placing about 60% of their assets in stocks and 40% in bonds.
Debt funds are like FD but they don’t give guaranteed returns, however normally they are between 7-10% returns
In Lump sum you make a one-time investment in Mutual fund, with SIP you can invest small sum of money at a regular interval (monthly or Quarterly), over a fixed period of time.
Absolutely. With Angel BEE, you can save tax upto Rs. 45,000 by investing Rs. 1,50,000 in ELSS funds. You can invest more but the amount of tax saved will be limited to Rs. 46,250
You can invest any amount in ELSS. However, the maximum amount you can save on tax per year is Rs. 45,000 ( on an investment of Rs. 1.5 Lakhs during the financial year) If you are in the 30% tax bracket, you may be able to save slightly above Rs. 45,000/-

Your investment will be processed on the same day, if payment is made before 2 pm, else it is processed on the next working day.

This is applicable to both SIP and Lumpsum orders.

To know the details of your order visit the Order Book section on the Angel BEE App.

You can add your existing Mutual Fund Investment/s by visiting the portfolio section from the menu and clicking on the UPLOAD CAMS button

To cancel your existing or pending SIP, visit My Transaction section from the main menu on the Angel BEE App, select SIP from dropdown and cancel the SIP scheme.

However, you cannot hold or skip any SIP installment temporarily.

There could be two reasons:

1) You have insufficient balance in your SIP linked Bank account or
2) You may have cancelled your SIP from Order Book.

If these two reasons are not applicable to you, please write to us at or call 022-28242310.

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