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Yes, it’s safe to invest through Angel BEE because we are in compliance with rules and regulations under the guidance of AMFI and mutual funds investments are in electronic form where your holdings are safe and secure.

SMS access allows us to automatically track your expenses for you reading the transaction messages you receive from merchants and banks.

We do not access your personal messages which is received from a 10 digit mobile number.

Also, Angel BEE will never give out your data to any third parties.

Not at all. Angel BEE does not have this level of access. There is no way we can view, edit or manage absolutely anything in your email.

Yes, Angel BEE has bank grade security integrated to always protect your information.

We use advanced encryption techniques for your information and we take extra security measures to protect your information.

Our internal systems are constantly audited and approved by independent auditors who work with the established and reputed banks and NBFCs.

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